“The Lonesome Trio” by the Lonesome Trio

The Lonesome Trio
The Lonesome Trio
Sugar Hill Records

By Aaron Keith Harris

With comedic actor Ed Helms (known from The Hangover movies and the American knock-off of The Office) at the tiller and a sound like a slightly caffeinated Kingston Trio, one must be forgiven for wondering, at first, if The Lonesome Trio is a hipster homage to A Mighty Wind. It’s not. Helms (guitar, banjo) and two buddies from Oberlin College—Ian Riggs (bass) and Jacob Tilove (mandolin)—really are this “ridiculously earnest,” in Helms’ own words. That doesn’t keep them from delivering a good drinking song (“Whiskey Drink”), and a credible Dylan/Ochs pastiche (“All Gone to Hell”).