“Rockin’ My Life Away” by Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis
Rockin’ My Life Away
Varèse Vintage
4 stars (out of 5)

By Larry Stephens

It was the late ’50’s or early ’60’s (as best I recall) and The Killer was on stage in the middle of a street in my hometown. The crowd pressed around as I stayed close to my dad and there he was, bouncing on the piano bench, throwing his long hair back with a toss of his head, pounding the keys but making great music.

He’s slowed down a bit (we can give him that after six decades) but he can still play a wild piano, he can still sing, he’s still The Killer. These cuts come from 1979 to 1982, a time when he was very popular in the country field. His career started in rock and roll but tanked when he married his thirteen–year–old cousin. In the late ’60s he took country music by storm, making some changes from his rock career but merely hiding them below the surface. He released some great ballads — Roger Miller’s “When Two Worlds Collide,” Every Day I Have To Cry Some,” “I’d Do It All Again” — while still celebrating with “Rockin’ My Life Away.” This compilation leans toward the more contemplative side of Lewis with cuts like “Over The Rainbow,” “I Wish I Was Eighteen Again,” and “Thirty-Nine and Holding.”

These vintage releases are gold mines for listeners — us in or approaching the golden years (someone younger must have coined that term) so we can enjoy them again, or the toddlers in their twenties who missed out the first time around. Grab a copy and enjoy.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Rockin' My Life Away