“Dig in the Dirt” by the Farm Hands

The Farm Hands
Dig In The Dirt
Pinecastle Records
4½ stars (out of 5)

By Larry Stephens

The Farm Hands have caught the attention of the bluegrass world. At the 2016 SPGMA music awards, Daryl Mosley was named songwriter of the year, Tim Graves as Dobro player of the year and the band took the awards for Bluegrass Gospel Group and Bluegrass Vocal Group. Mosley penned a gospel number that’s high on my list of favorites, the Booth Brothers’ “He Saw It All.” Mosley spent a decade as bass player for the Osborne Brothers/Bobby Osborne while Graves has played with a number of bands including Tim Graves & Cherokee, Wilma Lee Cooper, James Monroe and two years with the Osborne Brothers.

Mosley contibuted two songs, one a song of learning the morals of life: no one will never know what I do, but “I Would.” There’s a good lesson here for adults and kids alike. He stays close to his gospel roots, using a little boy and his father as metaphors for us and Jesus as the father tells his son he’ll be safe, just follow him “All the Way Home.” Two more fine examples of Mosley’s songwriting abilities. Graves composed “Rezo Ride,” an instrumental that allows the band to showcase their skills. Banjo player Bennie Boling, guitarist Keith Tew and guest fiddler Kimberly Bibb each take a turn, all riding on Mosley’s bass beat. Keeping it in the family, brother Tedd Graves gave them “Mansion on Main,” another song with ties to gospel music, about a man whose “house has four wheels and a leather recliner, and windows that roll up and down.” He may be down and out but he still has what’s important in his life and he know where his home one day will be.

They’ve also reached out to some excellent writers in county and bluegrass. Leon Payne’s “The Selfishness In Man” – a George Jones hit – is included and a Wilburn Brothers’ song, “Medals for Mothers” by Betty Sue Perry, daughter of Loretta Lynn. Tew also has two songs in the mix including the title song all about making a living by “Digging in the Dirt.”

They are crowd favorites on stage as they play good bluegrass music: good musicians, singers and excellent harmony. They close out the CD with a rousing version of “I Saw the Light.” If you like bluegrass, see the light and add this CD to your collection.

Farm Hands - Dig In The Dirt