IBMA Fanfest: Marty Raybon

Just two songs into the former Shenandoah frontman’s set and I have to pronounce the verdict: the worst set I have ever heard at an IBMA Fanfest. Normally an engaging singer, he’s not coming close on his high notes and his band sounds like they have barely rehearsed, especially the electric bass player who has to be the worst musician in the building right now. I’ll add a paragraph if this gets any better. Wait, they’re now butchering John Denver’s “Country Roads.” Wait again, they also did a medley including sloppy versions of Hag’s “Fightin’ Side of Me” and “Dixie,” during which more than a few people stood up in reverence.

2 thoughts on “IBMA Fanfest: Marty Raybon

  1. Well in defense to his singing and nothing more, he was just out of the hospital fighting infection from his cancer surgery. All else can be left to speculate.

  2. To add to that, He checked himself out of the hospital to do that particular set at IBMA and checked himself back in after the set was over. Anyone paying attention would have known that. Marty is a great entertainer and a gifted vocalist. Would this affect the “high-notes”? I think so… Would it affect the over all sound of the band? Yes! But an artist that dedicated to his fans is few and far in between and that sure has effected my opinion.

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